To Read!

brain-food… feed the brain.

i think i may have found a cure to my year-long “recent” inability to read. a friend, writer, editor, poet, Gakwi Mashego – wrote on his blog – Kasieculture,

If you think that piece of trash deserves a slot on your book shelf it’s still your right. However you also need to ask yourself if it’s acquired as a book or souvenir. Is it another Capitalist Nigger, I Write What I like, The Battle for the Soul of the ANC, Thabo Mbeki; A Dream Deferred, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Losing My Virginity etc which I see all the time in households of people whose conduct defies the contents of the book. Unfortunately they were bought as souvenirs.”

i get what he means about “souvenir” books. in my youth, i did buy books for that purpose but now i can’t let these books just rest and look pretty on my bookshelf or ereader. you don’t learn anything just buy shelving books. here’s my next reading list, in no particular order:

  • Angela Y Davis: An Autobiography
  • The Social Life of Social Death by Jared Sexton
  • Undoing Gender by Judith Butler
  • Tuskegee Syphillis Study: The Real Story and Beyond
  • Life by Fidel Castro (need to finish it, started over a year ago O_O)
  • From Toussaint to Tupac
  • Black Sexual Politics by Patricia Hill
  • Autobiography as Activism
  • Incognegro by Frank Wilderson (bought a coffee and left it at the airport – somebody better be reading it!)
  • Got free Zora Neale Hurston texts (excited)

many of these texts can be found on Read A Book Son. i sure hope i will not be too lazy to post my thoughts on these texts as i go through them…

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