my dress is not a yes – miniskirt wars & rape culture

this violence against women in miniskirts (and not in miniskirst) has been happening at taxi ranks for a long time. in fact, between the last publicised one with Nwabisa Ngukana in 2006 and this recent one, there have probably been more. i (personally) saw one such incident about ten years ago and it was a group of five men in comparison to the two incidents aforementioned. this time, they took pictures of it all.

a number of things make me livid: Continue reading

the children of black mothers

my mother was a domestic worker. in her working life time, she raised many white children as well as her own children and the children of relatives.

i’ve wondered why it is that all these other women, the world over, need the help of black women to raise their children? this i wondered while i was standing in a queue on saturday night and there was this indian woman with her baby and a Continue reading

no woman no smile

i admit, when i step out of my house, i put my Ds (defences) on. i’ve been on a defense ever since i was fourteen. i can never forget when, as a late bloomer fourteen year old, coming out of a café some lecherous man pinched my thigh. that was the last time i wore shorts and the first time i learnt to put my Ds on. i got my Ds on not just to avoid strangers offering me sweets but because at age fourteen i suddenly realised that i was under sexual threat. Continue reading