manifesto. a poem. 

(the Black Letter Media manifesto)

 everything you have 
ever imagined already is.

 just pluck it out of the ether 
curl it up in your fist 
charge it up with good intent 
and throw it out to the world. 

 with every fleeting thought 
your soul whispers to your 
future self that your 
true self already is… 
hidden between insecure and fear. 

 when you listen to your inner voice,
see with your inner eye 
you honour your past self
because all flinching isn’t fleeing. 

 so steady yourself. 

 take care with every word you wield, 
for every stroke carries a magic,
a way into the hearts of many.  

 when you go below the surface, 
push yourself beyond mediocrity, 
you pay homage to those who came before. 

 for even they knew fear but never flinched. 

 so embrace the challenge because
when you have named yourself
when you have defined yourself
your authentic self is capable of brilliance.

 with every triumph your true spirit shines.