My Five Game of Thrones S5 Questions and a Statement

  1. where the hell was Ghost?
  2. where the hell are Bran and Rickon?
  3. where the hell is Gendry?
  4. why the hell is Daenerys always surrounded by hordes every last ep of season?
  5. what the hell happened to Catelyn Stark’s resurrection as Lady Stoneheart?

  • the last ep made me a Cersei fan.  hayi shem, she is a badass bitch. and she go make ’em sparrows pay. and errbody who ever, ever, messed with her. man, forget Daenerys, she’s been coming for Westeros since forever, there’ll be nothing left to fight for. let Daenerys stay there with her hordes. the white walkers are coming biatch! 

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