Afraid of Myself?

the other day i tweeted this thought…

Screenshot (3)

… and that image. perfectly illustrating the negative thoughts that can keep me from doing things that i need to do and want to do. psyche myself up over something. psyche myself out of doing something i actually want to do. doubt myself. stand in my own way…

stand in my own way.

run away from my own shadow. do you ever do that?

i don’t have the perfect or even failsafe solution but i found this gem:

Eartha Kitt photo by Jyh-Lurn Chang @ Homo olympus

realised i have to stop running away from myself. i have to stop the negative inner monologue. i mean, why would i do that to myself when there’s the entire world doing that already.

Ms Kitt’s recipe is something i will be trying, focusing on doing. i don’t quite have all the ingredients but i reckon moving my focus away from being my main obstacle to being my own champion and cheerleader, i’ll be taking a step in the right direction. and a step in the right direction will lead to the right ingredients.

do you stand in your way? if so, how are you dealing with it?

holler, if you feel me!

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