200+ girls abducted, 50+ boys killed

Went to bed thinking about how i didn’t have to worry about being killed or abducted as a kid in boarding school. The only time there was ever any worry about my safety and the safety of my friends was in 1993 and 1994. I have only just realised that the reason i was sent to boarding school in those years was because of the growing political violence in Johannesburg. I’d always thought it was about my mother’s employers divorcing, my mother was a domestic…

So went to bed thinking about this… Ended up dreaming I was back in boarding school, a school mate, a junior, asked me to plait her long her. Her long beautiful hair.

Our only worry was whether we could finish before the next day, not whether or not men would come in the night, raid our pantry, abduct or kill us. We were children.

Those girls and boys in Nigeria’s northern states are on my mind. As are the Somalian men, women, children being held at Kasarani camp in Kenya. My mind is on the Sudanese and those who are under siege because of the LRA and Boko Haram… And so many more whose terror isn’t being told by the media.

And what is the AU doing or saying about all this? Their silence, i find more disturbing than the media’s lack of reaction.

Solidarity with the parents who marched yesterday

Solidarity with the people marching today.

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