Ramphizzle should just say, “angazi, but i’m sure”

It would be nice if Ramphizzle (Ram-fizzle) would just outline what this idea of ending party politics is. The unhappiness and confusion over the DaGang antics, last week, aren’t just about this marriage being announced of the blue but because nobody understands what it is (or was) that RamZille was trying to achieve. And now, clearly, they didn’t have the same basic understanding of what it is they were deciding to do together.

Ramphizzle doesn’t seem to know either. Her idea doesn’t exist beyond her constantly saying “to end party politics”. Uh, you can’t chant it into existence, you know.

As a self-proclaimed visionary, Ramphizzle has failed to paint the picture for her followers. And with every interview or video or tweet she puts out, she has failed to communicate what it means “to end party politics” or “to put country first”.

It ain’t the people who have failed at  “this new way of thinking about our future”, Ramphizzle. You can’t blame people for being unable to “transcend party politics” when you’ve failed to express what your idea is.

As a leader, who must inspire, she’s acting as if she’s leading the blind to a destination that only she can see. But her followers aren’t blind, the rest of South African isn’t blind. People can see ukuthi there’s nothing but a pile of hot send – not even a mirage.

At this moment the best thins Ramphizzle could do is to be honest that she doesn’t know.

Ramphizzle, just say “angazi, but I’m sure“.

At least then, people (Agang, firstly), will know that they now need to work together to create this vision of politics sans parties.

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