homeless in lenasia… “a better life for all?”

i have seen with my own eyes. heard with my own ears…

yini ikhaya? a place we can call home… my legacy. this is the first home to be demolished. to the left, the mattress we all saw on tv still lies across the street.

and still i can’t understand how a government can deliberately make its citizens homeless…

reduced to rumbles homes that are probably worth a hundred grand. people sold cars, saved up, some of these homes were built with loans.

the government has no intention to compensate these people who were robbed by housing officials. they have no intention to help these people find other homes. as one brother said to me, when he visits his parents in the Eastern Cape this December he might as well not return because he no longer has a home in Lenasia. he doesn’t have money, he sold his car so he could have this home and now he also owes the bank for the loan he got to build his home.

this morning the government is supposed to be back in Lenasia to demolish more houses and when they are done there with 113 homes…

some homes survived the day, they only broke down their perimeter walls. a silent message that the house is next. the woman who lives her barricaded herself in the house. every morning more and more of her bricks disappear.

they move to Lenasia South.

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