how to destroy a black organisation (pt1)

i came across this list – 18 Ways of Destroying a Black Organisation* – in the early 2000s. i’ve tried to google but can’t find it anywhere. it’s been on my mind lately, luckily, for some reason i had dug it ouf of my boxes and pinned it on my wall. i’m sharing the first 4 points.

  1. don’t come to meetings.
  2. if you come to meetings, come late.
  3. don’t commit yourself for any work for the organisation.
  4. criticise others particularly ones who have rolled up their sleeves and got stuck into the work – accuse them of dominating the organisation or treating it like private property

self-sabotage ain’t good, folks…

*(original list published by Black News, Harlem – also kind find on google)

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