Dear ANC… Fight for our dignity too

dear ANC,

i was pleasantly surprised by how quick and effective your response has been to The Spear painting. i don’t remember when last i saw you all move with such decisive action… not even when you’re campaigning during elections are you so swiftly effective. not even when you were taking Julius Malema to task were you so clear in your intent from thought to action, but i did see a glimpse of what your are truly capable of.

i’m really pleased to see you rally so quickly to cover up the exposed Spear.

in fact, i’m so excited because now there is evidence, clear as the Spear, that the ANC is capable of so m uch more than i thought you were capable for. i mean the president didn’t have to do or say much before all of you from education minister to ordinary member moved in unison to protect the president’s dignity.

now i know that if you really wanted, that is to say that if your emotions were aroused enough, the ANC, as the ruling government of the country, can get books to Limpopo schools, get water to Mpumalanga, clean up Steve Biko Hospital, raise the standards of education – make South Africa into the country that we all dream and hope it can be.

Minister Blade Nzimande is so angry with the City Press he wants to boycott it. such conviction is wonderful, can’t remember the last time he was so angry and clear in his call to action. now if he could just get as angry with the fact that his department is failing students all over the country, especially Eastern Cape, Limpopo and Kwazulu-Natal. wow, just imagine how great the lives of our future leaders would be. i trust that Minister Nzimande will understand when these students boycott his party. they would only be trying to protect their dignity.

so it seems the ANC just needs to get angry to walk the talk and act the action. so the ANC needs to get vexed by the undignified lives many South Africans are forced to deal with because they don’t have money to sue someone for their right to dignity. if the ANC can get as pissed about the lack of dignity in the lives of South African as they are about this painting then the lives of struggling South Africans will improve. and improve quickly.

i also hope that you’ll get angry enough to move swiftly to deal with the matter of unemployment. didn’t the president promise a million jobs in his first year? maybe now your adrenalin will pump harder to push you forward into making sure that those people you called to come and toyi toyi outside court all have jobs to go back to after The Spear incident has come to its just climax. i mean, since this painting insult is not just about the president but also about all black people then surely the majority people of SA need to get back their dignity after this romp is through.

so, i’m looking to see you get back to work soon. i know you’ll still be energised. full of anger. use that anger to do the jobs you’re meant to be doing. stamp out corruption. quality education for all. quality health care, housing and transportation for all. there is already a guide for you to begin to give us back our dignity … The September National Imbizo’s People’s Manifesto.

it is time for you to take a step towards fighting for our dignity as much as you fight for one man’s dignity.

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