self-hating darkies – where is the love?

there is a tendency to put our collective down. to shame ourselves before they shame us or maybe because we think it’s tough love or maybe to show that you don’t get slack just because you’re black.

i’ve done it too. “eish, black people are stupid!”

“darkies are ignorant!”

“darkies are backward!”

you know you’ve done it too, Slikour did it just the other day. some of you are doing it now on facebook and twitter and the comment pages on blogs. sneering at other darkies especially when you’re in your little group of friends which you perceive to be intelligent, progressive and empowered. “all darkies are stupid, uncle tomming, baas loving fools who will never be free” like you are because they don’t see the mental slavery they are under. because they don’t read anything but daily sun and watch generations. “these darkies are holding all of us back.” they should read Biko and Fanon. “they must do this not do that.” they must look at other darkies down their nose… just like we’re doing now.

that big black slap down on other darkies is weighing me down. it reeks of self-hate and not of black love.

i don’t want to participate in it any more. if i really am as knowledgeable, progressive, black conscious, black loving and mentally free as i think i am then i shouldn’t be shaming darkies. i should be fighting the fight against the systematic causes that have darkie in this position. yakking my mouth on facebook then moving on to another chatroom is part of the problem.

i won’t continue to espouse and chant out loud “darkies are backward” just to gain access to the little clique of clevas who never do anything about our problems but know how to blame all our problems on us. every time i hear this “darkies are stupid” i also hear white supremacy high five capitalism saying “we been telling them since 1652.” every time i hear “darkies are backward”, i also hear another Nato bomb landing on our heads, the US marines exploding on us to bring us democracy. why shouldn’t they when even we, our so-called intelligent selves believe in our own ineptitude.

hayi man, i can’t do this anymore.

i will approach my brothers and sisters with love and patience. i may have some clue of what our problems are but instead of showing my superior sneer, i will ask my brothers and sisters to help sort ourselves out. we need to fix ourselves, save ourselves and we are not doing it by reinforcing inferior complexes by chanting on repeat like a really cool propaganda machine that we are stupid, dumb, ignorant, backward. we need to tackle all our problems head on. with love.

we need to change the way we treat each other. if you really look at where this attitude comes from you’ll realise that it was a divide and conquer tactic. the divide between the “newly civilised” darkies and those holding on to their identity and dignity by refusing to convert. the divide between the pant wearing, bible carrying, learning to read and write english darkies and the skin wearing, cow slaughtering darkies…

i don’t want to participate in it anymore. it is anti-black, inhuman and counter-revolutionary.

hateful words do not inspire love.

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