Hani, 19 yrs later

many of us often wonder who Hani would be had he lived. would he be the sole voice of reason or would he also be a BEE fat cat? many believe he would’ve remained honourable. many speculate that’s why he was removed…

either way, those of us who remember that tragic day in 1993, continue to reflect on his legacy.

today, is a good day for me to start reading the Hani biography i bought months ago.

I realised how little had changed. Women were still walking five kilometres to fetch water, carrying it on their heads back to their meagre homes. People were still walking fifteen kilometres to the nearest store to buy soap or sugar […] and the problems of literacy were as sharp as they were when I was a child. ~ Chris Hani

Hani said these words to Charkes Villa-Vicencio in 1991. he was reflecting on his first visit back to his home in Sibalele in Cofimvaba. His last visit there was three weeks before his death in 1993. on the trips there, circa 2008, Janet Smith and Beauregard Tromp, did not find much improvement. i wonder what it’s like now.
(source: Hani, A Life Too Short by Smith and Tromp)


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