street harassment

so on monday, i was sitting in my car, in Braamfontein waiting for my mother and aunt. all kinds of people were walking by when suddenly this man with a phuza face stopped at my window and said ‘hello’. i greeted him back and thought he’d move on, but douche bag stood closer, encroaching my intimate zone and asked for a kiss.

i said no and asked him to move on.

he didn’t. he kept asking saying ‘just a baby kiss’.

now the nasty pendejo was old enough to be my father. he wasn’t a friendly face and i wasn’t amused.

he kept asking and i kept refusing all the while figuring out what i’d do if he got aggressive. just like that he moved on.

in a society that doesn’t treat women like men’s property this wouldn’t happen. it wouldn’t be ok and it wouldn’t be funny.

it wasn’t the first time. this was street harassment. it happens to women and girls.

and i’m part of the International week of anti-street harassment.

more info here: ms. magazine and Meet Us On the Street

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