what is rape culture?

i mentioned rape culture yesterday in my blog about stories

these are examples of rape culture, some refer to tv stories others refer to actual statements made by President Zuma and Julius Malema. i will post more links to other definitions later.

rape culture says:

  • she was starting to enjoy it (i.e. is the harder she fought the more she seemed to enjoy it.
  • it is okay for a  colleague (or boss could be male or female) to ask a female to “take care” of a potential client.
  • they won’t believe you were raped because you led him on, you flirted with him. this victim blaming.
  • don’t report being (almost) raped by a powerful man because people could lose a big job, people could be fired.
  • she was only wearing a kanga in my presence so she wanted it.
  • a women that didn’t enjoy it doesn’t sleep over and then ask for taxi money in the morning.
  • do not wear a mini skirt in the taxi rank.
  • if you do not have any physical injuries or they are only minor then the rape was not too serious. therefore the jail sentence for such a case should not be harsh.

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