Choose Wisely

“In my mind are many dwellings. Each of the dwellings we create ourselves – the house of anger, the house of despair,, the house of self-pity, the house of indifference, the house of negative, the house of positive, the house of hope , the house of joy, the house of peace, the house of enthusiasm, the house of co-operation, the house of giving. Each of these houses we visit each day. We can stand in any house for as long as we want. We can leave these mental houses any time we wish. We can create new rooms, new houses. Whenever we enter a dwelling, this becomes our world until we leallve for another. what world will we live in today?

Creator, no-one can determine which dwelling I choose to enter. No-one has the power to do so – only me. Let me choose wisely today.”
~ Joy Harjo, poet

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