flag lynching – black man under seige


found this image “flag lynching” by Laurie Cooper on a blog that i’m still reading. it has me thinking about the effects that the criminalising of black bodies has had on Afrikans world wide. the perpetuated fear of black men that even black women feel on a day to day basis has crippled chances of blackness finding healing for itself. it is how black relationships a broken.

i can’t help but think of “die swart gevaar” (the black danger) being kept alive in South Africa by white supremist blogs that profess to be telling the ‘truth’. this ‘truth being that white people in South Africa live under constant attack from the ravaging, dick-to-floor, savage natives. i can’t help but think of the representation of men in the Tyler Perry film For Colored Girls, or in many media where the suspect is always the black male… 

in America the black man is under seige. with American unilateralism invading the entire world, black men are judged according to those very same American standards. it’s in the images we see in films, magazines, in everything.

how do we save ourselves from this lynching?

2 thoughts on “flag lynching – black man under seige

  1. Michelle Frost says:

    ignorance is the true “gevaar” and fear is the bastard child of ignorance, born in shame and hidden in rage.

    Love your blog and poem videos. 🙂

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