brotherly love

my brothers, you have been duped.

you been hoodwinked, bamboozled… 

into thinking that any ounce of affection, love, your show has to be defended. this ‘no homo’ ‘pause’ thing you think you have to do whenever you show your brother some love only detracts from the love. instead of people noting that you have love and respect for another male, all people see are that you are worried about being seen as homosexual. now what that does, is make people wonder if you are. what are you really hiding? it becomes a case of “the lady doth protest too much” in this case the gentleman.

now it may be cool. or you think that you have to do that but you actually have nothing to defend yourself against. your sexual orientation is your business. that said…

i want you to know that there’s nothing wrong with holding hands, hugging, touching, showing love, appreciation and respecting each other as brothers. there’s not effeminate it about either. it can be done without it being sexual.

remember how free you were with your emotions when you were young, brother. the only thing that we as kids had to be aware of was making sure that we don’t hurt other people. remember how mama would tell you to not hurt your friends. that the fun stops when the other person is hurt or crying? that was you living your truth. you weren’t bound by what abothey might say. and even if they had something nasty to say you had a big sister who would go punch some lights out for you. it’s already hard enough trying to make sure that our truth isn’t lost in translation when we are relating to each other man and woman why do we wanna complicated it even further?

we should be free to express our truth, our love for each other without having to buffer it from any kind of foolishness.

when we express our feelings truthfully with no disclaimers, prologues or epilogues, we remain true to ourselves. the truth of that message is not lost between ‘pause’ and ‘no homo’.

so go ahead. show your brother some love because from a sister point of view when i see that kind of honesty, i know that you an i can walk hand in hand and navigate that alpine terrain of love.

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