glimpse of freedom

let me just begin by saying that i do not believe that South Africa is free.
i do not believe that the concessions made by the anc and the other parties sitting around the table at codesa were completely right. i believe that Afrikans didn’t win an outright victory but rather that they were handed a peace offering by the apartheid regime which they in turn transformed into a pacifier in order to subvert justice and create an illusion of freedom.
the drama that was the truth and reconciliation commission, the compromise that was codesa and all the subsequent ‘smoke and mirrors’ gave the Afrikan some political power, while the white minority kept their power and control over media, industry, education, commerce, land and everything that really matters.
so i look at my people living in those hell holes, those concentration camps called townships; roaming around with inferior education in their pockets and a lack of dignity and i don’t celebrate seventeen years of ‘freedom’. not when Afrikans still get 60sqm houses with no inside toilets or bathrooms, outdoor toilets without any walls, township schools that look exactly as they did in ’76, historical Kliptown being glamourised and mocked by a glitzy hotel being plonked at its impecunious centre…
i can not allow Hellen Zille to walk around saying that we should celebrate freedom day every day when she knows very well that majority of South Africa is oppressed by capital, by inferior education, poor social services and a bleak future. and shut it if you start telling me that that’s the fault of this current government because we all know very well that darkies have been living in legislated squalor since they were turned into rats on their own land! Zille’s comment about freedom day everyday proves that she’s not a better alternative at all.
South Africa is a fucked up 17 year old, Lindsay Lohan is a saint in comparison!
but this is not what this blog is about. this blog is about why i believe that darkies have to observe, celebrate, commemorate and honour Freedom Day – 27th April, 1994.
glimpses of freedom exist all around South Africa. they exist in a service delivery protest. they exist in a ‘welcome to hell’ march through Cape Town’s native yards. they exist in a pastor brazen enough to posit a Jesus who would’ve been HIV+ in 2010 South Africa. they exist in the toil of women all over the country scraping the bottom of the classes just to eke out a life for their children, enough to put them through some education and raise intelligent eyes-wide-open human beings. glimpses of freedom exits even in UnFreedom Day – that is the kind of magnification i’m talking about. glimpses of freedom are apparent in the heartrending clip of Andries Tatane being assailed by police batons and rubber bullets. these glimpses of freedom exist in all of us who refuse to just accept that this is what freedom looks and feels like!
i see these glimpses of freedom everywhere, weighed down and drowned out by the oppressive fist of neo-colonialism packed with self-righteous former freedom fighters. this mighty fist leaves the victims feeling guilty, feeling like they did something to provoke this horror of oppression. this mighty fist makes intelligent darkies feel that they don’t matter so instead of making a change to their lives, darkies keep voting wrong.
27 April 1994 was an act of freedom. it wasn’t freedom complete, freedom in its entirety. it wasn’t emancipation realised. certainly not freedom as darkies dreamed it. 27 April 1994 was the first time that darkies were participating in the affairs of their country without having to be forceful, without having to be violent. every act of freedom before then had to be an act of violence as it was a response to a violent existence. 27 April 1994 was the first time that darkies were being accorded their right and respect as a people of this country. their being there was legit and all those that had denied darkies that were not able to deny them. of course, as i write this, i feel myself walking the tight rope of ambiguity. i’m aware of it.
i’m aware that while darkies went to the polls with pure intentions, pure dreams and the purest love for their country, in the upper echelons they had already been sold out. i’m also aware that darkies have since had to revert to forcefully asserting their right to be human in South Africa. and by right they should. i’m not turning a blind eye to that.
i’m choosing to turn the spot light on the hopes and dreams of that act of freedom – 27 April 1994 – because it is an act that we can not forget that we can not minimise that we have to make even bigger.
we need to magnify it so that our people do not forget what that day felt like. those that were there, like my parents need to pass on that feeling to those who where. i wasn’t there but i remember what it felt like to see that hope, fears, determination, taste of freedom in my parents faces. i knew then that this wasn’t something to take lightly even now with all the awareness that little to none has changed i know that that day was not a day to forget. but alas, many have forgotten. the apathy is rampant, the false-consciousness permeates.
we need to magnify the falsehood that is practised by the politicians, spotlight the betrayals that subverted social justice and reignite the freedom dream in people all over again.
we need to make sure that every act of freedom, no matter how small it is or even if it’s painted as a ‘third force’ or crime. we need to magnify all these acts of freedom and make sure that they are replanted in the hearts of all darkies.
we must not let music concerts drug us into submissive bliss. let us not let the cooning and jigging and rhetoric of the politicos drugs us into passive zombies. let us look at 27 April 2011 and say that enough is enough. we will not glimpse at freedom any longer. we want to look freedom square in the face, bring her out of the shadows. save her from the cave of neo-colonialism and not that she is not an illusion.
let this freedom day herald the end of queuing for crumbs. let us be the true freedom fighters because we can’t be standing here in the same place next year or the ten years time being mocked by yet another politico buying our votes with a dance, a lie, with aluta continua while the laugh at our backs.
no aluta must end!

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