writer’s block | going after inspiration with a club

“can’t draw water from a dry well” *sigh*

so went one of my status updates this afternoon. spent the afternoon trying to finish a rewrite on the storyline that i’ve been working on. this is my day job, as a tv writer, spilling over into my night and then my weekend. i have six scenes left to work on and since this work has been robbed of it’s craft i’m going at it blindly relying on random inspiration. it gets really chaotic at times working in tv-land and i have no power over it. all i can do is write and try to meet the impossible deadlines.

the chaos caught up with me this afternoon. no matter how hard i tried to go after inspiration with a club i found nothing. the inspiration lives deep in the darks recesses of my mind and this time i got lost in the dark. usually, i can pull something out of the abyss. i did that yesterday. often that’s all i need, to come back with one thing so i can go the distance and reach the end. not today.


i’m empty. 

i’ve poured out all the creative energy i can. and now i’m empty.


so i accept defeat. i’ve got writer’s block. 

“You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club” ~ Jack London (novelist, short-story writer)


not today, Jack. i’ll try again tomorrow…

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