34days30000words challenge | what i know so far

i have finally had the chance to think about this little story challenge i set for myself. this is what i know so far:

  • my protagonist is a 200 year old woman
  • she has a twin brother who is everything she wishes she could be. while she’s the black sheep of the family, his the perfect child.
  • her antagonist is her 1875 year old mother
  • her mentor is an woman whose age is unknown some say 4000 years old, others say 40 000 years old. her sex is undetermined, though we refer to her as… well ‘her’. she’s thought to be the protagonist’s great-great-great-great-great-grand mother but no one is sure.

i might add two more characters but i haven’t thought that far yet

  • the genre is high fantasy – think Lord of the Rings but not as epic. i’m referencing Lord of the Rings for it’s feel, themes, maturity, world design, character design and arc. mind you i’ve never written a lick of anything fantastical so i’m going into this FUH-REAKED-OUT!

i’m excited about this journey. i start writing on monday. so between today, storylining, party peoplepoetry and tomorrow, i will figure out my characters, the world of the story as well as the journey.

more tomorrow… [O,o]

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