a poem | Kiss

A kiss

So emotional

So passionate

My lips making love to yours

It lingers…


I feel butterflies in my tummy

I can feel your tummy has butterflies too

Still our lips make love


We breathe heavily together

In a musical rhythm

Sighing contentedly


A kiss

So soulful

So calm

So emotional

So passionately lingering…


Making love to a

Rhythm of distant drums

Slowly moving closer as our

Inner kingdoms open up to each other


Still we only kiss

Barely touching each other

Just hands moving slowly

Feeling tenderly saving to memory

The feeling of the body alive

With our souls, our spirits

Flowing to and from our lips

Still it lingers…

Our kingdoms are wide opens

My inner eye can see you for all that you are

I can see that you can see me too

We are flowing now in unison

To a rhythm of our own drums


As you take me on a tour through your kingdom

Our lips are barely touching now

We continue to make love

Our eyes are closed still

Our souls, our spirits still flow

In the end

We are not



Yet it still lingers …

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