34 day 30000 words challenge

i don’t usually come up with ideas while in the ‘water closet’ (WC)… usually i’m reading.

so, today, while reading Mokopi Shale’s Love’s Courage, a great idea struck me. i thought why don’t i set myself a writing challenge. 

see, i’ve been writing two novels for a couple years now – well sometimes months go by before i remember that i’m meant to be completing my primus opus. i’ve written over twenty thousand words and then started from the scratch just because i had decided to change the pov. well… well…

anyway back to my WC musing… i thought why don’t i try to write thirty thousand words in thirty days – that’s the length of Love’s Courage. so here i am declaring to the world wide web my intention to write a brand new story, a novella, in thirty days. that’s about three hundred words per day – a page a day. four days of prep – come up with the story and plot the major arcs, figure genre and characters and a writing plan – that makes it thirty four days.

should be easy right? right!

well, we shall see!

i start 24 mar, 00:00am

daily updates on my facebook and my twitter and here… :-S

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