oppressed minds: WAKE UP!

they don’t want you to know more than is required for a mere servant to know. they don’t want to use your mind. exercise critical thought. critical conviction. self-determination. they don’t want you become over qualified. what type of massa would higher an education nigga.

they want to keep you crippled in the mind. confine your thought to food, shelter and security. a darkie who’s hungry has neither the time nor the energy to think herself out of poverty. the only plan is to find food. a darkie who doesn’t have shelter over her head on a rainy day doesn’t have time to see that her taxes are paying for the first wives seven extra luxury cars. the only plan is to cover her head so as not to catch a cold that will keep her away from work and cause her to go hungry for longer. a darkie who has no security doesn’t have time to fight the power that keeps her under the thumb of poverty. she has to duck and dive to keep herself and her family safe to live another day so that maybe they can get out of this poverty and see the promised land long promised by priests and politicians.

they don’t want you to know more than the muck they call education. they only need a labour force to work for them. so why give you more than one plus one. they don’t want a thinking nation that can call a spade a spade. they don’t want too many intellectual, philosophical, scientific, creative, able minded darkies roaming around poking wholes in their rhetoric. they want to dumb you down, numb your mind, get you drunk – you and your babies, drug you and turn you into drones.

that’s why you can never see a way out. if you protest they sic the cops and dogs on you. threaten your life, your security. when you go-slow call for decent wages they threaten your stomach. if you have no job how are you going eat. they’ve made sure that you numb mind can now come up with clever ideas. nobody like a cleva.

they have you crippled. they have you stuck at an infancy stage. your tongue cut out. your brain washed clean of any clarity. so you give up. “nothing every changes,” you say.
“what’s the point of struggling, you see nothing has changed it’s all the same”
“same problems, different master.”

your brain is fogged. your sight hoodwinked. you have been bamboozled. led astray. run amock! your soul which lived in your agile mind was snatched away and they won’t allow you to retrieve it.

that’s why you must arm yourself. arm yourself with every bit of knowledge there is out there. arm yourself with questions. dive into that forbidden knowledge. they will never education you so you have to education yourself. you have to do that job that was meant to be done by your parents – arm yourself with knowledge and skills so that you can navigate the world successfully.

they took that job away from your parents that’s why children run all over up on their parents heads because the education at schools counters whatever education there is at home. besides that’s been took as well. it’s meant to have you at war with yourself. tire yourself out so that you begin to accept the brainwash and become the good drone that keeps the rat race alive.

ain’t no rats running the race. ain’t no rats in the belly of the earth keeping this country’s economy from crashing. only drones, former humans whose souls were snatched. agile minds dumbed and replaced with the ABCs.

go get it darkie. run after that knowledge with a club and bring it back to you. arm yourself with that counter-knowledge. make your brain alive again. make it agile. everywhere you turn they are trying to fog your brian. they don’t want you to nurture thoughts that they haven’t planted in your head themselves.

go on darkie, arm yourself. you have to work extra hard. harder than when you had to prove to your white bosses that you weren’t a terrorist darkie. harder than you had to prove to those light-skinned darkies that you weren’t just a fieldnigga.

go on, arm yourself. you have to work harder than you’ve ever had to. because it’s not just a simple matter of where you can and can’t go. you have been niggerised, otherised, brainwashed, whitewashed. locked up in force fields invisible – the illusion of freedom. so it matters not whether you can walk freely in sandton. you can’t wade out of this muck just by throwing a stone. the mental stones you have to throw have to be made of free thought. they kind of thought that germinates only in an agile self-aware brain.

you’ve got it in you. pounce on every bit of knowledge that is out there. devour it. masticate on every bit till there’s nothing left but your own thoughts. let your brain grow.

you are not that darkie that can’t find money hidden in a book. you are not that darkie that believes loose rhetoric disguised as kwaito. you are not that darkie that is drone spending hours on end queuing for a cramped rickety taxi. what kind of life is it to leave your home in the night and only return in the night? what life is it to give birth to children only to have them raise themselves?

they don’t want you to have knowledge. they don’ want you think about the scraps they throw at you under the table. they wants to exhaust you leave you too tired to ask yourself why you are raising white children while abandoning your own children to all kinds of dangers in the concentration camps. and when you get a chance to rest, they want to drug you up, make you believe that this is what you are living for a weekend of debauchery. they don’t want you to have the time or the energy to look at your existence and call it that. existence. not life.

darkie wake up! the time for sleep is no more. you have to work over time to wake up out of the slumber you’ve been induced into. only a knowledgeable, free, thinking, agile mind can be decolonised.

arm yourself, darkie. time it no wait for no body (Fela Kuti – sorrow, tears and blood).

On his own, therefore, the black man wishes to explore his surroundings and test his possibilities – in other words to make his freedom real by whatever means he deems fit. At the heart of this kind of thinking is the realisation by blacks that the most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed. if one is free at heart, no man-made chains can bind one to servitude, but it one’s mind is so manipulated and controlled by the oppressor as to make the oppressed believe he is a liability to the white man, then there will be nothing the oppressed can do to scare his powerful masters. hence thinking along the lines of Black Consciousness makes the black man see himself as being complete in himself.” Black Consciousness and the Quest for True Humanity, Bantu Biko

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