real mothers

we often say that being a father takes more than just providing sperm.

to that i’d like to add that being a mother takes more than birthing a child. we all know the stories of women that throw their babies down toilets, leave them on church doorsteps, abandon them to relatives… we all have harsh words for those women. i’m pretty ambivalent about these woman BUT actually these aren’t the women that i want to talk about. 

i want to talk about the women that raise children regardless of who gave birth to them. these women are the reason that the orphaned, rejected and abandoned have a chance at a decent life. most of the time these women go unthanked and unappreciated. too often they are treated like scum by the women whose children they raise.

i want to appreciate these women. i want to show them love.

i want to show my mama love because she’s one of these women. she has opened up her heart to so many children through out her life. my mother and my father have so much love. they’ve raised more children than they’ve given birth to. when they were done raising them, they didn’t even receive a simple thank you. and that makes me mad.

let’s show love to these men and women who raise the children that are abandoned and unwanted. they spare no love, no money, nothing. they love without bounds and when the children are ripped out of their embrace, they keep it together and keep raising the children.

let’s show love to the women (and men) who take in children and raise them not looking to profit from it or to gain anything for it.

they deserve our thank you.

they deserve our appreciation.

they deserve our respect.

and one day when they are too old to take care of themselves, they deserve to be cared for by the multitude of children they have raised with love.

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