day one: resetting my state of mind

clearly i’m two days late… i’ve struggled to figure out what my inspiring quote. there were a couple floating around my word. on the tip of my tongue kind of thing. just couldn’t remember them, never mind trying to write them down.

so now i’ve settled on something i wrote on my facebook status:

” reset, reboot, rewrite, reconfigure, revive, rebirth, redo, resuscitate, reveal, revitalise, rejuvenate, reignite, return, reconnect, refill, reclaim, restore, release, relief – these are the re:(s) i’m playing with right now because i want to ante up [up the ante] in 2011.”

i’m giving myself a chance to start over. a chance to do some things differently, do some things again and (most excitingly) do some of those things that i didn’t do. some of the things that i didn’t do before, either because of fear or because i gave up control or because (just because! just nje!). these are the things i most look forward to. because these are the things that will allow me to reclaim myself, reconnect with missed opportunities and gain relief. once i do it, fail or win, i’ll have acted not just thought about it.

just by making the decision to live my life according to my rules, i’m starting to feel rejuvenated, revitalised and reignited. you see it is all in my hands. and it can be in your hands too. all you have to do is decide to take your life back from wherever or whomever you gave it up to.

at the end of this resetting period i want to live a life out of bounds. i life where i’m not confined to one place, one city, one employer. i life where i’m on imprisoned by the choices that i make or by other peoples choices for me. i want to be able to live and work wherever it makes most sense to me. and right now it doesn’t make any sense for me to continue to be local. i feel trapped in my own city. i feel trapped by my employer. i feel trapped by my job. i feel trapped by my house. and i don’t want it any more. i want to live freedom. that’s why i want a life out of bounds.

i’ve started to make the necessary moves to realise this life out of bounds. it involves making some sacrifices. giving up what might look like security. letting go of societal trappings and looking within myself for all the resources that i need in order to burst out of this box that i’ve put myself into. it also involves a remake and reinvention of myself. i’m kicking dissatisfaction out of my life and taking back control.

a life out of bounds…

this post is part of my effort in the 31 day reset challenge. for info on that you can check out or sign up at

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