reinvention | one thing at a time

i admit, i’m a victim of the ‘women are multitaskers’ saying. and for the longest time i could do it fairly well. i multitasked fairly well. but lately i suck. i don’t get everything done to standard. and too many things lies unfinished. a few scripts there, a couple novels here, some short stories, a welding project somewhere and so on the story goes. so what does a girl like me that wants to do a lot end up doing? nothing. i procrastinate…this is what i call scatterbrain syndrome. it hit me just now, after the previous sentence i sort of ran out of steam and drifted elsewhere. this scatterbrain syndrome makes it really hard to capitalise on inspiration. i lack stamina. i can’t finish anything i start because my attention drifts elsewhere. it’s quite frustrating.

this is why i want to go back to simplicity. back to doing one thing at a time. so that means i need to wean myself off my TV/internet/noise addiction too. oh it’s going to be so hard. it already hurts and i haven’t even started. no more multitasking. back to being mindful. present in the moment. doing one thing and doing it right.

i now accept that i can’t multi-task well enough to keep doing it. so here goes. tomorrow is day one of doing ONE THING AT A TIME. i figure it’s the only way to put my brain back together. you know a scattered brain is worthless.

here i go… *she says as she paints her nails, fb chats, watches extreme home makeover marathon and edits this blog all at the same time*

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