the writers’ room is a battlegound

writing life is a lonely life. writers are used to working alone, in the night… i certainly am. i prefer it but since i make my butter working in the tv industry i have to work with others. these writers’ meetings are minimal coz everybody knows we hate meetings. but this year, i’ve been in the writer’s room almost every single day and it has taken a toll on my sanity.

the writers’ room is a brutal space. it is a battleground. and i go hard. writers go hard. we all have such great ideas and we fight for them to work. we fight the ideas, not each other. we fight to create stories that have meaning. we fight for our ideas when others think you are talking crap. it is gut-wrenching stuff (and when you get people that know nothing about creativity think that you smoked your socks). it’s the battle of the minds and will not rest until we have it.

see when you go into this battle ground every once in a while, it’s alright to go hard. but when you go in there everyday… well let’s just say all that blood, gore, guts, left on the boardroom table can get to you. i know it has gotten to me. when you spend day after day after day after day in that writer’s room, you run empty. and then the battle become void of any meaning and it’s just a battle for battle’s sakes. this is when it’s not easy to tell when business has turned personal… maybe we go too hard.

that kind of state of mind is torturous. it leaves the writer with nothing but the credits at the end of the show. and we all know that credits don’t inspire you. they don’t fill me up so i’m able to create again.

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