of showers, chameleons and black humour or showers of change

minstrel showers (also ‘of showers, chameleons and satarist)

the third forces of counterculture had to be arrested

they said it was the only way to erect him

the satanical satarist shall be cleansed

the prorevolutionaries shall shower him with scorn render him unrendered

and she who found her tongue was lynched with her own material

and burnt in a fire fuelled by his fat

in their chants earnest outcries drowned the current too strong to resist the passion was lit by their

fervourous succour [suh-ker]

in his minstrel beat moves a cocked hip to the left then right never steady

’cause blackface conceals a tap dance laced with misspeech disrhythms

applauded was the coup dissent in hushed tones

some licked their wounds preparing for the next round

wary vigilants watch awaiting our turn on the stage

still this way and that the chameleon shimmies

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