R1200 will buy you a K***R!

it’s a pity that we still revert to old/inherited prejudices. 16years in not long enough for 350 year old hate to be purged. the story of the two female colleagues – one afrikan, the other white – is distressing.“Luister hierso, sussie, jy is net ‘n swart kind, ‘n k****r. Jy ken my nie.” (Listen here, sister, you are just a black child, a k****r. You don’t know me)

really? not only did the “black child” get berated, she also got bitchslapped. and for that ‘missis’ Hall got a fine of R1 200 or six months in prisong. wow! just R180 more than the the lady that tossea lettuce out her car in pennsylvania, usa and R100 more that than the woman that swore in a Romanian church

the price of dignity… in 2010 south africa

what do you think about this? exhale!

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