“unsettling humans in south africa

when i started writing this blog, the government had bulldozed houses in lenasia. the beef was that the houses had been built on ‘hijacked’ land. throughout the years, the government has failed to provide adequate housing for the people. we have an estimated backlog of 2.1 million houses. people spent their hard earned money – up to R500 000 – to pay for these houses. these are properly built houses that the government just razed to the ground! hundreds of houses, partially built. in a country where there are lots of shacks.not even a week later and they are attacking citizens again in hout bay. this time the people are fighting back with rocks and molotov cocktails. why do these images look like a flashback to the 80s? why does it seem like our government of ‘freedom fighters’ is bent on perpetuating violence against its people?

i am vexed.

south africa is a strange country. we come from such an inhumane era that you’d think, it would take us at least twenty years before we start acting like the leaders of the last regime. the government is struggling to fulfil its promise to provide housing for all but instead of treating the people with dignity, the people are being treated like filth.

this is a country that still builds outside toilets for people of colour. this is a country that won’t even bother to put up walls around these outside toilets forcing people to go back to the bucket system which was meant to be eradicated by 2007. this is a country that tells its post-apartheid police force to shoot to kill. this is a country that reacts to protestors with bullets (blank or live – a bullet is a bullet!)! this is a country that is concerned with shutting up the media. a country whose leaders were once freedom fighters but since they didn’t “join struggle to be poor” they are growing into fat cats while the rest of the country starves.

south africa is animal farm manifested…

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