Afraid of Myself?

the other day i tweeted this thought…

Screenshot (3)

… and that image. perfectly illustrating the negative thoughts that can keep me from doing things that i need to do and want to do. psyche myself up over something. psyche myself out of doing something i actually want to do. doubt myself. stand in my own way…

stand in my own way.

run away from my own shadow. do you ever do that? Continue reading


You see me

thinking about the love showered upon awkward me by two sister friends this week. i get tearful coz the queer* don’t always think anyone can see us when we’re wearing our invisible cloaks or sequestered in our bubble.

but those who do see often make living a little less overcast.

i hope to be a mirror, one day and reflect back what you shined on me.


*queer: as in strange, odd not sexual orientation